CATHLAMET - Do you have an easy recipe for a meal that always receives rave reviews? Or an award-worthy cookie recipe? Or maybe instructions to make a never-fail pie crust?

Local residents who are willing to share their favorite recipes can do more than please palates and fill tummies, they can actually help a former Ilwaco High School student put together a cookbook and raise funds for a seizure detecting dog.

Sixteen-year-old Wahkiakum High School student Kenzie Abbott has had grand mal seizures since she was 7 years old, at a time when she was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. According to her dad, James Alexander, Kenzie has had three or four seizures this year and her doctors aren't sure what is causing them, but it appears that the seizures are becoming more frequent and severe. Thus, obtaining a seizure dog is at the top of Kenzie's family's wish list.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, a seizure dog can sense when their companion is about to have a seizure. Some are trained to respond by alerting their companion, alerting family members or activating an alarm system, while other dogs know to lie down next to their owner to prevent injury while the seizure occurs.

Though her family was able to find a facility in Gig Harbor that could provide them with a dog for free, Kenzie would be four to six years down the waiting list. Instead, they've been in contact with a group in Sherwood, Ore., that can provide her with a dog.

James says they've received several price quotes for a seizure dog, but they're expecting to pay anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000 - possibly even more if they're required to stay out of town for two weeks to get acquainted with the dog.

Knowing that her need for a seizure dog was increasing, Kenzie decided to start gathering recipes to create a cookbook, which she could sell to raise money for a dog. James says their original goal was to collect 150 recipes; they've already surpassed their goal and now have nearly 200. Anyone can submit a recipe for her cookbook publication through Tuesday, Nov. 30.

Pre-order cookbooks are available for $12 each. Once the cookbooks have arrived, they will cost $14 each.

To submit recipes or to pre-order Kenzie's cookbook, contact her or her parents, James and Lorinda, at: 360-795-0575; (; or Alexander/Abbott, P.O. Box 496, Cathlamet, WA 98612. A seizure dog fund account has been set up at the Bank of Pacific for anyone who wishes to donate money to Kenzie's cause.

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