This charming gray and white kitty came to the shelter in July, accompanied by her kittens. Her kittens all found good homes, and now it is Esme’s chance to find love. After her kittens were adopted, we proceeded to get Esme ready for her home by getting her fully vetted — spayed, up to date on immunizations, and chipped. She went into the free-range playroom where she enjoyed the freedom and the company of the other kitties.

Then, her luck took a turn for the worst, as she apparently fell off one of the kitty climbers and broke one of her front legs! Esme had to wear a cast on that leg for six weeks, and had to be isolated in a separate cage. It was hard seeing this young girl confined to a cage with her leg in a cast, but she was a trooper, and her leg healed very well.

Now Esme is back enjoying the playroom. She is very sweet and friendly and approaches Playroom visitors to get pets and attention. She is playful, and enjoys it when visitors will play with her. She seems to get along fine with the other kitties, and so would probably be a good companion for another cat. We are not sure how she does with dogs, but Esme seems to make an effort to get along in life in general so she might be a good companion with a cat-friendly dog as well. As Pet of the Week, Esme’s adoption fee has been halved to just $27.50.

If you are interested in adopting Esme or any of the other shelter pets, please go to our website to view our available pets, download an application, and send it to us electronically. Staff will review your application and make arrangements for you to meet your chosen pet in person. If you are unsure what specific pet interests you, just enter “view” (dogs, cats, kittens) and you will be contacted to make an appointment.

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