When pets linger at the shelter, it is difficult for the staff and volunteers not to become depressed looking at their faces day after day. Often, these dogs and cats become staff favorites, and it is even harder to watch them fail to get loving, forever homes. Time after time, these overlooked dogs and cats watch in disappointment as other pets find homes.

Such is the case with Sofia, our Pet of the Week. She has been at the shelter for several months now, and we featured her in a past Shelter Report, but sadly, she is still at the Humane Society.

Sofia is a 7-year-old blue pit bull. She was brought into rescue in 2016 and was adopted by a kind older lady who loved her for four years. Unfortunately, Sophia’s lady had to move closer to family due to health issues and could not take her with her.

When Sofia was surrendered to us in July, it was obvious that she had been leading a soft “couch potato” life, as she was overweight, and resisted going for walks. Flash forward to the present, and Sofia has discovered the joys of going on walks. Our dedicated dog-walkers never gave up trying to convince her that going for walks is a good thing, and over time, Sofia has definitely gotten some “pep in her step.”

She is so cute when going for a walk — she has a fuzzy stuffed ball that she has started to carry in her mouth every time she is leashed up. It is so funny to see this big girl so serious about carrying her “walking ball.”

Sofia has lost a good amount of weight and is on the way to becoming a leaner dog who enjoys exercise. She had a viral illness as a puppy, which impacted her kidneys to a mild degree, but she is doing well with dietary management. She is on a kidney diet kibble that is readily available.

She would do best as an only dog, as she becomes very attached to “her people” and can become jealous. She will need a fully fenced yard.

As Pet of the Week, Sofia’s adoption fee has been halved to only $75. She is a dog who has a lot of love to give, if only given the chance. If you are interested in her or any of the other shelter pets, please visit our website and submit an application electronically. Staff will contact interested parties and plan for them to meet the pets in person.

Darling new kittens coming soonOver the next few weeks, new kittens will be coming to the shelter from their foster homes. If you are interested in a kitten, please visit our website The site will be updated as new kittens enter the shelter.

Surfside garage sale to benefit SPCHSOne of our members is having a garage sale this coming Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 31804 I St. in Surfside. All proceeds benefit the Humane Society. This sale was held last weekend also, but new sale items have been added, and there are treasures to be found!

If you have saleable items in good condition to donate to this sale please contact SPCHS President Sandy Clancy at Fundraising has been exceedingly difficult for us this year due to pandemic restrictions, and we could not have our annual Memorial weekend garage sale, a major fundraiser for the shelter. Your donated items for this sale could really help!

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