South Pacific County Humane Society Animal Shelter

The South Pacific County Humane Society Animal Shelter found loving homes for 424 pets in 2020 — 259 cats and 165 dogs — despite pandemic-related restrictions.

“Time it was

And what a time it was

A time of innocence

A time of confidences”

— “Bookends Theme” by Simon and Garfunkle

2020 — what a year of change and challenge! A year ago, who would have dreamed a virus would emerge, causing a pandemic and changing our lives forever. This has impacted everyone everywhere, including animal shelters and rescue organizations. Fortunately, animal shelters were deemed by the authorities to be “essential services,” but unfortunately, some shelters closed as they did not have the support or resources to remain in operation. The SPCHS faced many challenges and hurdles this past year, but thanks to our loyal supporters and dedicated staff and volunteers, we have been able to continue our mission to care for homeless pets, albeit with some changes.

We have had to be creative to adjust to the changes, but our supporters stepped up and made these changes work. In normal times, the shelter has been open to the public five days a week. When we could no longer allow free access to the shelter, we developed a service window at the shelter and an online adoption system including adoptions by appointment, and our adopters just “went with the flow.” In 2020, despite changes in our adoption procedures, we adopted 424 pets to loving homes — 259 cats and 165 dogs!

Fundraising has been a particularly difficult activity this past year because a lot of our fundraising activities were in-person events, so again we had to get creative, and again our loyal supporters stepped up.

One of our biggest and most successful fundraisers was our online auction Beach Pets Treasure Hunt. We want to sincerely thank all those who donated items and bidders who gave generously to the auction, as well as our staff, volunteers, and board who made this event happen. We are also very grateful to those of you who have donated money for grants, have brought us dog and cat food, cleaning supplies, treats, handmade items and toys throughout the year.

Grants from the Corder and Templin Foundations, along with donations of manpower and materials from local businesses and construction firms helped us replace our leaking roof just in time for winter! Other local businesses have donated their services or reduced the cost. A special thanks goes to the crew of Oceanside Animal Clinic who have provided wonderful care to the shelter pets throughout the year.

In spite of the struggles imposed by the pandemic, some very positive things have happened at the Humane Society. The shelter returned to their owners five lost cats and 70 dogs. We were able to take in and care for 101 stray cats and 94 dogs and 116 surrendered cats and 137 surrendered dogs and find them forever loving homes. We were able to transfer into the shelter 48 cats and 94 dogs, many of them saved from overcrowded California shelters with high rates of euthanasia. With our low cost spay/neuter program, we were able to assist 150 local low income residents with spaying or neutering their pets, and were able to spay/neuter 40 community/feral cats. With our Pet Food Bank, we were able to help 70 local low income families feed their pets in times of need.

Our challenges are not over with the New Year, but we are hoping we can continue to call on our loyal supporters to help us care for homeless pets in 2021. You are very much appreciated!

We are open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only for adoptions and surrenders. Stray drop-off, spay/neuter vouchers and pet food program are available during open hours.

View our available cats and dogs and submit an online application at our website An approved adoption application is required before scheduling a meet and greet with your selected animal.

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