Many if not most pets are frightened by the noise from Fourth of July fireworks, as well as by the hustle and bustle of the holiday weekend visitor invasion. Remember to keep your furry four-legged ones indoors as much as possible.

Outdoors, they sometimes panic and will run when startled by all the noise. If you do lose your pet, remember to check with the Animal Shelter, which just might have information about your lost companion.

The South Pacific County Humane Society Animal Shelter is at 330 2nd Street NE in downtown Long Beach, phone 642-1180.

Lost dog found

It’s common to lose pets during annual firework celebrations. Here’s an example from the Chinook Observer’s 2004 files:

The Crisifilli family had given up all hope of ever finding their beloved border collie-Labrador Nicky after she ran off July 2, frightened of early fireworks in her Nahcotta neighborhood.

Nicky, who was 12 1/2, hadn’t been afraid of the holiday noise when she was a young dog, but as she aged, she became more and more upset. The family got her sedatives to get through the holiday, “But she ran off, anyway,” Jason Crisifulli said.

A huge search ensued. Finally, three weeks after she disappeared, a Weyerhaeuser crew on the Seal Slough Mainline on the opposite side of Willapa Bay called to say they had found Nicky.

When Crisifilli and his son, Ethan, 6 at the time, took off for the mainline. When they got to the loggers, Ethan jumped out of the car and ran to the dog shouting “My dog. My dog.”

“She was lying down and was very weak,” Crisifilli said. “Her feet were raw. The loggers had fed her their sandwiches and some cookies. … I think she swam across the bay to Long Island,” Crisifilli said. “She probably remembered going there with me and wanted to go to the quietest area she could find. I felt really happy when we saw her again. I was worried about my dog.”

She had lost 12 pounds — a quarter of her previous body weight — but was nursed back to health by her loving family.

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