During the years of the Bush administration I had the willies over how President Bush was vastly increasing the national debt and the annual deficits, putting us heavily in debt to China. It was especially appalling when we had no deficit at the end of Clinton's term and in fact had a surplus. But incredibly, when Bush left office, our deficit was $1.2 trillion (Congressional Budget Office, New York Times, Aug. 25, Jackie Calmes).

The national debt had increased from $5.7 trillion at the end of President Clinton's term to double that, $10.6 trillion, at the end of Bush's term (Bureau of Public Debt, U.S. Dept. of the Treasury, Oregonian Aug. 18).

So I found the cartoon showing President Obama going to China on his knees, as if he were responsible, highly offensive. I am incredulous that a week later a letter writer agreed with the cartoonist. Where were they during Bush's presidency?

I'm of course concerned about our current economic status but more confident that President Obama can eventually restore us to economic health than any continuation of Bush-type policies could.

K. Sharon Van Heuit


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