Reggie is a handsome 16-pound black kitty with beautiful green eyes. He came to us when his owner died. The owner’s sister and brother-in-law tried to take him into their household, along with his housemate Milo. The sister and her husband already had two kitties of their own, so the additional two cats were “too much.”

Reggie loves attention, and watches people come and go by his lobby cage, hoping for a pet or a kind word. He could stand to lose a few pounds but being in a cage is working against him — sound familiar in this period of lock-down? He is used to being an indoor cat, but his records say that he had access to a “catio”— an enclosed outdoor space.

He needs to be on a special diet for urinary health and to prevent blockages, but urinary diet kibble is available by quite a few brands, including Purina One and Science Diet.

As Pet of the Week, Reggie’s adoption fee has been reduced by half to only $26.50. That is a lot of love at a very low price! If you are interested in this sweet boy, go to our website and fill out an adoption application and submit it online. We will then contact you and make an appointment to meet him in person!

The shelter is still closed to the public, but our staff is staffing the phones from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. The phone number is 360-642-1180. We are still providing services by appointment such as adoption finalizations, meet and greet for pets, stray drop-off and pick-up, and to distribute food from the pet food bank.

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