Harley is a bright and energetic girl hoping for a human to love.

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month and we are celebrating with a special sale! During this month, we have changed our age range for what is normally considered a senior pet. For this special month, we are going to consider any dog or cat in the shelter age six and older to be a senior.

This means that dogs in this age range will be only $50 to adopt, and cats just $25.

Senior pets can make wonderful companions. They are usually calmer than younger dogs and cats. Senior dogs are usually house trained, and older cats have mastered using the litterbox. Older dogs often know basic commands, and walk well on a leash. Also, with advances in veterinary care and animal nutrition, dogs and cats are living longer.

Wigglin Home Boxer Rescue, one of our rescue partners, has several nice senior boxers in their care who are also looking for forever homes. Their website can be accessed through Pet Finder/Wigglin Home Boxer Rescue. This is a courtesy post for this organization. Their dogs are not adopted through the South Pacific County Humane Society.

Wisconsin-based company, Stella and Chewy’s, will pay for senior pet adoptions across the United States in November in celebration of National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. For their promotion, they consider “senior” to be age 4-plus. They are funding senior adoptions up to $25,000 total.

Their address is http://www.stellaanddchewys.com/journey-home/. This undoubtedly is a first come, first served offer. Please access their site for further information.

If you are interested in adopting a senior pet, this promotional month is a great time to do so. Come and see our great dogs and cats during this special sale, and fall in love!

Adoptions require approval of an application, available at beachpets.com. Email the completed form to spchs330@gmail.com or visit the shelter. SPCHS Shelter is at 330 Second St. NE, Long Beach, WA 98631 (P.O. Box 101) 360-642-1180.

Thursday hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Hours on other days are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

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