Normally, by this time of the year, the shelter has wound down from the spring-fall kitten season and we have no kittens to offer adopters looking for a holiday kitten. Well, as we’ve come to expect — there is nothing normal about 2020! This year, we have had an abundance of kittens, and we still have some very cute kittens and “cattens” looking for their forever homes. We have a nice selection of kittens with various coat colors and patterns- sure to please any adopter.

Our kittens range in age from “cattens” of three to five months of age, to tiny kittens in foster care who still require bottle feeding. Because of the pandemic, the shelter is still closed to “walk-through” visitors, but are taking appointments for potential adopters to view shelter pets. Interested adopters should view our pets on our website and submit an application electronically to view a pet in person. Adopters who are not certain which pet they wish to view can simply enter “view” (cat, kitten, dog) on application and shelter staff will contact you to make an appointment for viewing.

Adopters who are coming from as far away as Portland are telling us that it is almost impossible to find kittens to adopt in their area! They tell us that by the time they go online to express interest in a cat or kitten, the kitty has already been adopted!

So, if you have been wanting to get “smitten with a kitten” make arrangements to see our cute kittens soon. And tell your out of town friends that the SPCHS has a wonderful selection of kittens. As one of our kitten adopters who had come all the way from Portland said yesterday — “not only do you have wonderful kittens, your adoption fees are fantastic!”

Beautiful Siamese Ming is Pet of the Week

Last week we featured Ming and Calypso as co-Pets of the Week. Calypso found a wonderful home with one of our local long-term volunteers, but Ming has not yet found her forever home.

Ming is a beautiful Siamese flame point mix. Flame Points are a cross between a red or orange tabby American shorthair. The flame point designation refers to the color “points” or patches on the ears and tails of the Siamese breed. Flame point is the most unusual point color, and Ming is even more special as about 75% of flame point Siamese are male and she is a drop-dead gorgeous female!

As an on-line resource says about flame points, “They are sweet, funny, loving, and have adaptable personalities.” These characteristics fit Ming to a “T”!

Ming came to us via Oceanside Animal Clinic several months ago as a stray. She was in rough shape, thin, dirty, and with some issues with her kidney function. She was nursed back to health by one of our foster moms, and her latest lab work showed only a mild irregularity of one of her kidney functions. She is on a non-prescription, reasonably priced kidney supplement that she readily eats when it is sprinkled on her canned food. We don’t know how this somewhat rare-breed kitty was lost as a stray, but we do know that she would make a great companion for a Siamese lover. As Pet of the Week, her adoption fee has been halved to only $27.50. Ming would love to have your loving home for the holidays!

Shelter Wish List

We still have a high census of kittens right now, and would love to have donations of Purina Kitten Chow! Walmart has a large bag of Kitten Chow at a very good price, and the local markets carry smaller bags as well. Thanks so much to our loyal supporters! The pets appreciate your support as they wait their forever homes!

We are open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only for adoptions and surrenders. Stray drop-off, spay/neuter vouchers and pet food program are available during open hours. View our available cats and dogs and submit an online application at our website An approved adoption application is required before scheduling a meet and greet with your selected animal.

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