Because of the pandemic issue, we have had a backlog of kittens needing spaying or neutering before they could be put up for adoption. Gradually, more kittens were able to be vetted, and now are ready to enter the adoption arena!

Most of these kittens have been born or raised in the loving homes of our fantastic foster families, and are wonderfully sweet and socialized. They are all used to people, and some have been raised in homes with other pets, and are familiar with adult cats and even dogs.

Snowball, Peaches, Archie and Fluffy are four of the available kittens who were recently brought to the shelter by their foster parents. These kittens are the epitome of “kitten cuteness.” Peaches is a lovely dilute calico, Archie is an adorable orange tiger. Fluffy is a gray tabby with cute ear tufts and white circles around his eyes, and Snowball is special. Snowball, no surprise, is a white boy. It took a while for his foster parents to realize he is deaf, because he compensated so well with his disability. And, he is extra sweet and outgoing!

Adopters interested in viewing our adoptable kittens should visit our website, and submit an adoption application electronically. Adoption applications will be reviewed by staff, and arrangements will be made for interested parties to meet the pet in person.

The shelter is still open by appointment only, and appointments can be made to finalize adoptions, surrender or pick up strays, obtain food from the pet food bank, or make donations. Staff and volunteers are at the shelter Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Messages left at our phone number 360-642-1180 will be returned as soon as is possible.

Big thanks to our wonderful supportersWe recently advertised our need for Kitten Chow and canned cat food on our website and in our last Shelter Report, and what a response we received from our loyal supporters!

We went from having no kitten food to a wonderful windfall of food for the little felines. You guys are the best! Thank you!

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