This sweet seven-year-old pittie mix came to us when her owner could no longer care for her. There had been a long-term illness in the family prior to her coming to the shelter, and she was very well cared for but did not receive much exercise. As a result, she could stand to lose a few pounds — but who couldn’t in this time of pandemic quarantining?

As she has been receiving more stimulation and exercise at the shelter, we have noticed that not only is she slimming down, but she is getting more energetic as well. In the early efforts by our dedicated dog walkers to get Circe moving, she would go a little way and then put on the brakes. Now she is walking further and loving her outings.

Circe apparently had distemper as a puppy, and she has some residual kidney damage from this. Her condition is currently being managed well by diet.

She loves people, and really enjoys car rides. She also loves tennis balls and will often carry one in her mouth on walks. She enjoys having tennis balls thrown for her, but when it comes to fetching them, she looks at the person as if to say: “Fetch, human!”

Circe does not want to share love and attention, so she should be the only pet in the home. As Pet of the Week, her adoption fee has been halved to just $75. She is fully vetted including spayed, up to date on immunizations and chipped.

Because the shelter is currently open only by appointment, interested adopters can visit our website at and submit an on-line application. Applications will be screened by staff, and arrangements made for adopters to meet pets in person.

Circe is hoping that she will soon have a new chapter in her life. Could you be the one to help her write her “Happy Ending?”

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