George came to us as a stray and is a young dog, only about a year and a half. This handsome boy is a brown, white, and black Australian Cattle Dog mix and weighs about 55 pounds. He is a big, playful dog who can be a little shy with some new people, but he warms up quickly.

His favorite thing in all the world is playing with other playful dogs, and he especially enjoys a good romp with his Rottweiler and shepherd pals at the shelter. When we first got him, he was rough around the edges when it came to manners. But he was eager to please and very smart, and with consistent guidance from our dedicated dog walkers his behavior has improved a lot. But, being a young, active dog, he is a work in progress, but is learning quickly and has become a staff favorite.

Although he enjoys being outside when he is playing or on walks, George also loves being inside with people, so he is not a dog who can be just left outside. This sweet boy needs to be in a home where he can be part of the family. He has developed the quirky habit of eating rocks when unsupervised, so he would not do well as a free-roaming dog on acreage. This is not an unheard of habit of some dogs — does this make him a “Rock Star”? Kidding aside, he has no interest in eating rocks when he is enjoying the company of his playmate dogs, the people he enjoys, or his favorite toys. He only does it when he is bored or frustrated.

George would be an ideal playmate for another energetic, friendly, and playful dog. He does not seem to be interested in the cats in the lobby, but as is with all dogs, he will need an appropriate introduction to any resident cats in the home. He would love a new owner or family that would continue to work with him on his training. In turn, he will provide his new people with lots of love and infection, as well as good company on outdoor activities.

As Pet of the Week, George’s adoption fee has been halved to just $62.50, and he has been fully vetted — neutered, up to date on immunizations, and chipped. That is a lot of wonderful canine companion and new Best Friend at a great price! If you are interested in George or any of our other shelter pets, please visit our website and follow the “To Adopt” instructions to submit an application. Staff will review your application and make arrangements for you to meet this nice dog in person. If you have a dog in the family that you think would be a good playmate for George, plan on bringing him or her to the shelter for a Meet and Greet also!

We are open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only for adoptions and surrenders. Stray drop-off, spay/neuter vouchers and pet food program are available during open hours.

View our available cats and dogs and submit an online application at our website An approved adoption application is required before scheduling a meet and greet with your selected animal.

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