These two pretty black lab/pittie girls came to the shelter as strays in February, and sadly, no one came to claim them.

On their first vet check, it was determined that Rickie is about two years old, and Ethyl is about three years old. They are two black and white peas in a pod so we are thinking maybe mother and daughter? Neither was spayed, and it appeared that no one had taken much time to guide and train them.

Flash forward to the present and the girls are now fully vetted and ready for their forever homes. We want them to be adopted separately, because just like some siblings, they listen and act better when they are apart. You parents out there can relate to this...

Our loyal volunteer dog-walkers have been working extensively with Rickie and Ethyl, and are finding these pups to be bright and eager to please. They are taking them for a lot of walks to improve their leash manners and working with them on basic commands.

The girls are still “works in progress” but the volunteers working with them say they are very sweet people-pleasers who just need an investment of time and effort to help them be great family dogs.

As Pets of the Week, Rickie and Ethyl’s adoption fees have been halved, which means they would be adopted into their new homes for only $62.50 each, and they are both fully vetted. This low price includes their spaying, immunizations including rabies vaccine, and microchipping.

Our current situation, when more people are staying home, is a good time for folks considering a new pet to adopt and have more time to bond with and train their new family member.

Shelter guidelines for the pandemic

Our shelter is still open for adoptions, however, we are altering our adoption process to protect our volunteers, staff, and the community.

We ask that people view our adoptable pets on Petfinder ( or at our website, rather than coming into the shelter. If you find a pet you are interested in, we ask that you submit an adoption application.

Staff will screen your application and call you to set up an appointment for you to come to the shelter and meet the pet in person.

We have an envelope outside the front door of the shelter for people to pick up adoption applications. Completed applications can be mailed, scanned and emailed back or dropped off.

In addition, we ask that you only visit the shelter if you:

• Have a scheduled adoption appointment.

• Have a stray to drop off or pick up.

• Are picking up pet food or a spay/neuter voucher

• Have a scheduled surrender

If you need pet food or other services and are at higher-risk of serious illness from covid-19, please call ahead (360-642-1180) and we can arrange a low contact appointment. You may not have to leave your car!

Because the status of the covid-19 pandemic is changing frequently, we may find it necessary to adjust our shelter guidelines accordingly. Please don’t come to the shelter if you are feeling ill, have had direct contact with anyone who has been confirmed to have the virus, have visited a high-risk area within the last 14 days, or if you are at higher risk of serious illness from the disease. If in doubt, please call the shelter rather than visit!

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