Special-needs pets often linger in shelters until their “special person” comes along. These dogs and cats are the ones who might be less than perfect in appearance but big at heart. “Giles” and “Mogul” are two of the special-needs cats who are lingering at our shelter, being passed by time after time as other cats go to their forever homes.

As I write this, Giles is out of his cage, exploring the lobby for a little respite from his cage. He is thrilled to be on a little “walk about” because he has been in a cage since last October. Giles was found in an abandoned house along with several kitty companions and some dogs. The residents had been hoarding cats and dogs and just left them locked in the house when they left ...

When we had him tested for FIV/FELV he tested positive for FIV, which put him into the special-needs category. FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Cats with this virus can live long, healthy lives. The virus is contagious to other cats only through mating or by bite wounds, but it would be best if Giles could go to a home without other cats. The virus is not contagious to humans or dogs.

Giles is a very sweet, four-year-old boy who plays like a kitten. He enjoys being petted, but will sometimes be a little “hand shy,” like perhaps he had been thumped on at some time. We think he would be a good companion for a dog, as there were dogs in the home where he was abandoned.

“Mogul” has a double-whammy in the special needs department. He is older (about 13) and is black. Both older cats and black cats can have a tough time finding their forever homes. This sweet senior was taken to the local vet office and never picked up by his owners. Why, we do not know. The vet staff fell in love with him and contacted our shelter, hoping we could help him.

As it is with a lot of older cats, Mogul has some impairment of his kidneys, but he does very well on a special veterinary kidney-helper diet. Mogul loves attention, and is very sad to have to be out of the free-range kitty room so that he can have his special diet. He enjoyed the other cats in the playroom, and absolutely loved having visitors pay attention to him. So for now, he has to hope visitors will stop by his cage to say hello.

Mogul would be a wonderful companion for someone wanting an affectionate lap cat. He is laid back and would love to lounge on your lap in front of the fire.

Both of these special kitties are fully sponsored, meaning they can be adopted at no cost to good homes. If you have a big heart, please come in and meet Mogul and Giles and help them find better lives. They haven’t been dealt the best cards in life, but that could change with your love.

Shelter Wish List

We are running low on small-size kibble for the little dogs and would be very grateful to receive donations of this food. Costco sells a good Kirkland brand of small kibble. We are also gearing up for the upcoming kitten season, and would love to receive donations of kitten chow. Thank you for your support.

Adoptions require approval of an adoption application. Applications are available at beachpets.com. Email the completed form to spchs330@gmail.com. Prospective adopters can also fill out an application at the shelter. SPCHS Shelter is at 330 Second St. NE, Long Beach, WA 98631 (P.O. Box 101) 642-1180. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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