Star’s a great dog who needs a little extra TLC.

This very nice boxer mix (?) came to us almost a year ago from an out of area veterinary hospital. She had an issue with her hip, which has since been repaired and she is doing very well. What has become an ongoing problem with her, however, is her chronic lung issues. Apparently her previous owners smoked incessantly in the home, and Star was sadly exposed it as a young pup.

Star is outgoing and affectionate with everything and everyone. She is great with other dogs, and her lung condition doesn’t keep this young dog from playing and playing! She doesn’t realize that she has an off switch! She is also very good with people of all ages and is very affectionate and loving. There would be no concerns about having her in a home with children- she would make a wonderful companion for kids.

At times, Star’s lung condition takes a downturn, and she has to go to the vets for treatment- they get her tuned up and then she is her old bouncy self again. Because her care can be expensive, including a medication she must take daily, we are looking for a compassionate person or family to take Star under their wing and be her foster medical caregivers. With this, the SPCHS will be responsible for Star’s medical expenses (and food also if need be). What is needed from the foster person or family is to take Star into a home where she will receive love and attention and get out of the shelter environment where she has been for far too long. Caregivers would also have to keep an eye on her health, and take her to the vets when necessary. Because Star has received all her vet care in Seaview at Oceanside Animal Clinic, her foster situation has to be in South Pacific County.

We are hoping that Star’s special person is out there. She has literally grown up in the shelter, but would love having a real home. If you feel you might be a good medical foster for this nice girl, please call the shelter at 360-642-1180 during our open hours Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and ask to speak to the Shelter Manager Sara. She can answer any questions or concerns.

“Star light, bright, please bring Star home tonight.”

We are open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only for adoptions and surrenders. Stray drop-off, spay/neuter vouchers and pet food program are available during open hours.

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