We have featured this beautiful flame point Siamese in the past, but sadly, it has been too hard for her to compete with all the cute kittens in the shelter, so she has been left behind. Ming came to us in bad shape, but she responded well to some TLC. She has a mild degree of impaired kidney function, which is not unusual with kitties middle-aged and older. Hers is well-managed with an inexpensive nutritional supplement that is over the counter and is just sprinkled on her canned food. She is only 6 years old, and the vets feel she has a lot of life left.

Flame point Siamese are a more rare color pattern, and are the mix between another Siamese point pattern and an orange tabby. They are almost always male, which makes Ming even more unusual. Ming has stunning blue eyes, and her color points on her ears, feet and tail are beautiful dark peach color.

She is very affectionate, and would be a wonderful companion if just given the chance. She is currently in the free range playroom with other cats and is getting along, so she probably would do well in a home with other friendly cats. Ming is more than ready to have a loving home of her own. You would be her hero and make her holiday season so much brighter!

As Pet of the Week, Ming’s adoption fee has been halved to just $27.50 and she is fully vetted. But a sponsor has stepped up for this sweet beauty and paid her adoption fee, so she can go to a loving home at no cost. All adoption screening criteria will apply. Please come in and meet Ming and make her dreams come true! She will bring joy to your life!

Two important fundraisers for the kitties

Pacific Community Foundation is a foundation that showcases important needs of local non profit agencies, and SPCHS has two fund requests for our feline friends. One is our Community/Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Program to prevent unwanted kittens. In the past years, we have been fortunate to receive grant funds for this program, but sadly, this year we did not. A grant of $3,000 would provide 30 community/feral cats with a spay or neuter, post-surgery pain injection, and core vaccinations, including a rabies vaccine. This past year was filled with unwanted litters of kittens, and a spay/neuter grant would help us prevent 2021 from being as severe.

The second fund campaign we have on the community site is for enrichment for the shelter kitties who have to be housed in cages because they are ill and in isolation or for some other reason cannot go into either of the free range rooms.Our Cat Isolation Room is built specifically to prevent the spread of disease and has a special air flow system and glass-doored cages. While it is a necessary area, it is windowless and very bleak for it’s kitty inhabitants. Years ago, some kind supporter donated a small TV/VCR to us, which we put on a wheeled cart. We purchased some inexpensive kitty entertainment videos that featured mice, birds, and other small critters, and the kitties loved them! Needless to say, the TV finally stopped working, so no kitty videos.

We would love to purchase two DVD players — one for each windowless cat cage room. We can get two players and some kitty DVDs for about $350. A lot of the unfortunate residents of the caged areas are kittens, as they tend to get ill more often, and these players would be wonderful for them to have the enrichment of some kitty videos as they get well. We are appealing to our kitty-loving supporters to help us in this kitty enrichment effort.

You can read about our two kitty fund requests and the Community Foundation donations at the link spccf.fcsuite.com/erp/donate/list/grant. These requests are in the holiday catalog and will expire soon, so please help the kitties by donating soon! The kitties thank you!

We are open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only for adoptions and surrenders. Stray drop-off, spay/neuter vouchers and pet food program are available during open hours.

View our available cats and dogs and submit an online application at our website beachpets.com. An approved adoption application is required before scheduling a meet and greet with your selected animal.

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