A little kitten will brighten your days.

We are amazed at just how many darling kittens we still have in the shelter population. Usually there are two kitten seasons — one in the spring and a lesser one in the fall. But this year the kittens keep coming, and we have all ages from teen-aged “cattens” to tiny babies needing bottle-feeding.

This is not a phenomenon just at our shelter — other shelters are also reporting a “never-ending kitten season.” Climate change?

So, for those folks interested in bringing home a new, cute feline addition, you are in luck!

We are still doing adoptions by appointment only, and we are asking interested adopters to view our pets on our website and send a completed adoption application to the shelter electronically. Staff will review applications and plan for the adopter to meet the pet in person.

If you are unsure of which pet you wish to meet, just write “view” on your application. Our current open hours are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Come and meet our fabulous felines!

Animal care technician opening

The shelter has an opening for an animal care technician. The job description and application are on our website We are looking for a compassionate animal-lover to join our team.

Shelter Wish List

We have had a higher than average cat and kitten census at the shelter for several months now and are running out of canned cat food. The poultry variety pate types seem to suit the kitties best, especially the kittens.

For supporters wishing to donate food but do not want to go out and shop in person, online services such as will deliver your donation directly to the shelter! Chewy has a great selection of quality pet foods. Our address is SPCHS 330 2nd St. NE Long Beach, WA 98631.

Thank you to our generous supporters! The kitties are looking forward to their canned food!

We are open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Adoptions require approval of an adoption application. You can find an application at and email it to You can also fill out an application at the shelter when you come by to meet our cats and dogs.

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