Animal Shelter Report: These cute canines are waiting to steal your heart!


“Otis” and “Gus” are two little mini dogs who are just yearning to get forever homes of their own. So step up to the plate you little small dog aficionados. You know who you are!

Gus is an adorable terrier heeler cross who looks like a mini heeler. He is a cute concoction of polka dots — a multitude of black spots on a white background. Just looking at him will make you smile. If polka dots were dollars, Gus would be a millionaire!

This little mini heeler is just a baby — a pup at about 4 months old. So if you are interested in him, be prepared for both puppy antics and the joy that comes with such a young life.

Gus absolutely adores playing with his toys — especially retrieving his ball. If you are interested in meeting him, please be sure to ask to take him out to the “Meet and Greet” area where you can throw the ball time after time. And be assured he will entertain you time after time retrieving the ball. He is inexhaustible and puts most lab retrievers to shame!

Don’t be put off if Gus seems a little reserved when you first meet him. He is a little shy at first, but then quickly blossoms into the fun, outgoing dog he truly is.

“Otis” is a very handsome toy fox terrier mix — as close as we can guess. He sports a cute little tri-color coat of white, brown, and black. That is when he isn’t wearing one of his little coats we put on him to keep him warm in the more chill days of fall.

He is very friendly and has a sweet disposition and is good with other small dogs. He is so tiny if you looked up “tiny” in the dictionary his picture would be in there. He is truly so miniature that he also will bring a smile to your face.

Otis has what is called “sub-luxating patella’s” which is a fancy term for his knee caps slip out of the joint sometimes. Larger dogs can be quite adversely affected by this, but Otis is so tiny that when his knees slip a little bit on one leg he just stands on the other leg for a while and voila! He slips his own knee back into place. He is self-repairing! Doesn’t seem to bother him a bit!

He loves to go for walks, and adores sitting on laps! In fact, both of these cute little dogs love to sit on laps — they are truly lap dogs!

So, if you’re in the market for a charming, very small lap dog come and introduce yourself to these cute young gents. They truly want their own forever homes and you could be just the right person to give them what they are dreaming about!

We will be having our big shelter open house and drawing for the winners in the raffle this Saturday, Oct. 29. The open house runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the big drawing for the yearly raffle will be held at noon.

The drawing will be held at the shelter annex building, and the open house will be at both the annex and the shelter buildings. Refreshments will be served at both locations.

There will be kids’ activities, such as face painting, in the annex after the raffle drawing.

So grab the family and enjoy this fun event. Watch as lucky raffle ticket holders win up to $1500 in cash!

Thanks to Cheri Diehl of Discovery Coast Real Estate, all of our adult (6 months and older) cat adoptions are absolutely free from now until Thanksgiving. So now is the time to come and pick your special, completely vetted kitty companion at a wonderful price.

Free is a very good price!. Our usual adoption criteria apply.

Your humane society has received special funding through the “We love our pets” program of specialty license plates. Low-income South Pacific County residents pay an only $10 co-pay to have their dogs or cats altered.

Voucher applicants for the program must meet residency and income verifications. Call the shelter at 360-642-1180 or come in during normal business hours 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

SPCHS Shelter at 330 Second St. NE, Long Beach, WA 98631 (P.O. Box 101). Website: Be sure to follow us on Facebook, too!

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