We are having a great half-price kitty sale in hopes that adopters will be interested in adding a new BFF (best feline friend) to their household and give more cats and kittens a chance at real homes instead of lingering at the shelter.

This sale runs through Aug. 31. Kittens under 6 months are $50; juveniles (we often call them”cattens”) are $37.50; adults 1-7 years of age are just $27.50, and seniors 8 years and older are only $12.50.

These are wonderful prices, as all our kitties come fully vetted — spayed or neutered, shots, flea treated and chipped. This is hundreds of dollars of care and treatments in the private sector.

We have some beautiful adult cats like young seal point mix Sam.

Sam is drop-dead gorgeous with his brilliant blue eyes and wonderful personality. He lost his home when his owner moved and could not take him. His previous owner describes him as a “friendly, playful, affectionate cat” who purrs a lot. His favorite activity is playing fetch. How cute is that!

He would make a wonderful family pet and he has lived very happily with children. He seems intrigued by the shelter dogs he meets, but would prefer to be an only cat. For the small sum of $27.50, you could have a wonderful and beautiful kitty!

Sweet Diana has the dubious honor of having been at the shelter for 16 plus months.

Like Sam, she lost her home when her owner moved. This five year old kitty has soft, medium-length pewter colored fur and a very pretty face.

She is a little “hand shy” when strangers try to pet her, but she comes around very quickly and has become a staff favorite. Her previous owner described her as a “friendly lap cat who purrs a lot.”

Diana has two other attributes that might appeal to a new owner — she is harness trained and she loves cat-friendly dogs!

Diana has cohabitated with a lot of kitties in the free-range playroom, so would probably do well in a home with other kitties. She has lived with children, and does well with them.

It would be so wonderful if her special someone would come and take her into a loving new home. She has been here more than long enough.

We also have some very cute and playful kittens who are 3-5 months old. Several of them are in the kitty playroom together, and it is as fun as a three-ring circus to watch them play.

These kittens were raised in loving foster homes, and are very affectionate people-lovers.

This sale is in effect for only a short time, so if you have been longing to add a new feline to your life, now is your chance to do so. And for a wonderful low price to boot!

Adoptions require approval of an application, available at beachpets.com.

Email the completed form to spchs330@gmail.com or visit the shelter. SPCHS Shelter is at 330 Second St. NE, Long Beach, WA 98631 (P.O. Box 101) 360-642-1180.

Thursday hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Hours on other days are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

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