A modest proposal

Now that we have our Peninsula back from the hordes, I’ve been breathing easier. Since that long, loud and insane Fourth of July weekend, I’ve relaxed into the glorious summer days that finally graced our land. But I’m still left with a bad taste in my mouth.

Herman Eberhardt

Local hero Herman Eberhardt, oysterman and Boy Scout leader.

Kelly Rupp

During the Music in the Gardens tour, Kelly Rupp explains the restoration project he and wife Bev Arnold are undertaking on the bay at the former oyster shucking and cannery site of Herman Eberhardt (1899-1974).

Deb Howard

Deb Howard, Willapa Heritage Farm, demonstrates goat milking on “Hayley” during the Music in the Gardens tour. (Every goat knows her name and also the correct sequence for milking.)

Adriana Giordana

Adriana Giordana, lead singer and hot triangle player for the Brazilian band En Canto, leads the crowd in dancing and celebration at Cape Disappointment.

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