The election on Nov. 3 confirmed that Pacific County has landed firmly in the Red. Ballot returns will be certified on Nov. 24, but the lead is solid and showing the strength of a red wave in Southwest Washington. With late ballots, President Trump took the lead in Pacific County (49.4% to 48.5%) over Joe Biden.

Nansen Malin

Nansen Malin

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler easily won the 3rd Congressional District, with a majority in all eight counties, including 54.3% in Pacific County. Voters in Southwest Washington know that Jaime represents the district and is a problem solver. She is not afraid to reach across party lines and find common ground to represent the needs of our community. We are so happy the voters rewarded her with their confidence again this election. The Third Congressional District is the only red district on the West Coast from Mexico to Canada for the second consecutive election.

The biggest and most exciting news of the election is the change in the 19th Legislative District. Rep. Jim Walsh led the pack of Republican candidates for the 19th and for a third time voters responded with Walsh besting his previous close races with a remarkable 56% of the vote. Walsh was first elected in 2016 after over 30-plus years of all Democratic representation of the 19th in Olympia.

Pacific County did vote for incumbent Sen. Dean Takko and Rep. Brian Blake, but the remaining four counties turned out strongly for conservatives Jeff Wilson and Joel McEntire to flip the 19th Legislative District to an all Republican team in Olympia. Pacific County was a target. So much money and time poured into little old Pacific County. We were glad to hold our own against the barrage of political action committee and D.C. money, untold glossy mailers and countless ads, calls and door knocks. Our volunteer base was small but mighty and we held our finger in the dike enough to help the wave sweep the district!

Pacific County Commissioner Lisa Olsen was also re-elected with 55% of the vote. Lisa has a strong foundation of support. She works hard for the citizens and is doing a fantastic job of representing us. Her work with natural resource issues has garnered respect and is bringing us fresh options. Lisa is like Congresswoman Herrera Beutler — she works hard across the aisle to serve everyone in the district.

Pacific County also gave top votes to a number of Republican state executive candidates. Secretary of State Kim Wyman received the highest vote with 58%, followed by governor candidate Loren Culp and treasurer Duane Davidson 53%, attorney general candidate Larkin 52%, public lands commissioner candidate Kuehl-Pedersen 52%, and auditor candidate Leyba 50%.

In addition to the overwhelming turnout for Republican candidates in a long-held liberal county, all the progressive measures were defeated here locally. That says something.

I am calling it a red wave, but we can all work together on the issues that concern our rural community. We are a mix of retired, working families, young, old, farmers, fishermen and women, shellfish growers and other natural resource earners, educators, health care heroes and service industry workers who now co-exist with a new technology focused influx of remote working residents. The future is bright for Pacific County — no matter what party you identify with!

Seaview resident Nansen Malin runs an extensive floral business and is chair of the Pacific County Republican Party.

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