Laundry help

Sometimes Hope comes in the shape of 14 quarters and a Tide laundry pod. Sometimes it comes in the gentle, compassionate voice of a Peninsula Poverty Response volunteer welcoming a guest to Laundry Love. For the past year and a half year (prior to our covid-19 stay home, stay healthy order), community members would find a PPR volunteer ready to offer quarters and a welcome every Wednesday at the Long Beach Laundromat. For the safety of our volunteers and the community, PPR put Laundry Love on hold, so to speak.

But Laundry Love now has returned better than ever. Every Wednesday from 1:30 to 3 p.m., community members can find Laundry Love at both the Long Beach Laundromat as well as the Seaview Laundromat. We are asking all who will use our services to follow distancing guidelines, which may mean you may need to wait outside of the actual laundromat while your clothes are washing and drying.

Little Free Pantries

Sometimes Hope comes looking like a can of tuna fish and a box of macaroni and cheese; sometimes it comes looking like a bear-proof metal box. On Nov. 19, 2017, Ocean Park Lutheran Church launched its first Little Free Pantry ministry on the corner of North 2nd and Oregon in Long Beach. Literally minutes after the congregation blessed the work of the LFP, community neighbors began being served. Since then, OPLC has added a second Little Free Pantry on Bay Avenue in Ocean Park, located right in front of the OP Food Bank.

During this time of covid, the number of people served through the LFP has vastly increased. And our peninsula community has responded to the need in generous ways. Food in the LFP is being replenished each day, and yet, unfortunately by the next day the pantry is often empty. We realize that there are times when neighbors in need go to the LFP and there is nothing or very little in it. Because of the rapid turnover that we are experiencing, we’ve been moved to include fresher items that won’t spoil in a (hot or cold) metal box. Items such as potatoes, onions, carrots and greens have been left without any sign of spoilage since they disappear by the next day. Please keep this in mind as you share.

Started in 2012, Peninsula Poverty Response is a grass roots organization,with a mission to reduce the consequences related to poverty through advocacy, awareness and action. See or the PPR Facebook page.

Helpful numbers

Coffee Hour and POMPC contact: Barb at 360-244-5566

WA-based Warmline 1-877-500-9276

OR-based Warmline 1-800-698-2392

Pacific County covid-19 news and info:

360-642-9407 South County

360-875-9407 North County

Mobile crisis line: 1-800-224-2289

Crisis text line: “HELLO” to 741741

Teen link: 1-866-833-6546

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