The City of Long Beach has started our annual budget review for 2021. We are holding workshops for each fund and the public is invited to our Zoom meetings. The mayor presents the Mayor’s budget to the council. The mayor works with the city administrator and assistant city administrator to evaluate all departments requests for funding and review the status of each fund. Since covid-19 impacted the city, many items in 2020 were put on hold, not purchased or funded. The shutdown in the second quarter of this year limited the ability for merchants to operate their business, resulting in a loss of income to the city. Once the budget is reviewed and voted on by the council it becomes the council’s budget.

The first workshop was held Oct. 5 for the streets, storm water and capital projects funds. Each budget line item was reviewed by the council. Currently, we manage 24 miles of streets, 17 miles of drainage lines, .59 miles of open ditches, 926 catch basins, 39 manholes and three storm water pump stations.

The street fund has a total revenue of $1,353,788 with total expenditures of $1,249,706. This leaves an ending fund balance of $104,082 for emergencies to start 2022. In addition, we have set aside a sinking fund for big purchases such as a street sweeper. That fund balance at the end of 2021 is projected to be $200,000. The big project for this fund is the reconstruction of South Washington Avenue, from Sid Snyder to south city limits. This will be 10 blocks of complete reconstruction that will be paid through a combination of property taxes, sales taxes and grant money. The city was able to secure $400,000 from the state to help complete this project. The city has also completed its first project from the Transportation Benefit District this year. The picture attached shows Idaho Avenue before and after completion.

Long Beach Idaho Avenue.jpg

The storm water fund has total revenues of $854,724 with total expenditures of $810,921. This leaves an ending fund balance of $43,804. We created a sinking fund this year and have $20,000 projected at the end of 2021. Our loan debit for this fund is $90,102.40 that will be retired in 2023. This fund has four major projects and maintenance upgrades to accomplish in 2021. The biggest expense is the installation of new drainage on the South Washington project ($400,000). The aging Third Street pump station is being rebuilt with an electrical upgrade, including a standby generator ($130,000). The city is also looking to replace 4 blocks of failing drainage lines and is completing the state mandated storm water management plan. Even with all these expenditures, the city is not increasing the rates for storm water in 2021.

Long Beach ballfields

Major improvements at the city of Long Beach ballfields include new dugouts, benches and scoreboards.

Culbertson paths

Paving has been added to some paths and access corridors in Culberton Park.

The capital projects fund is projected to have $180,502 in total revenues and $120,000 in total expenditures, leaving a $60,502 ending fund balance. The biggest purchase here is a new police vehicle to replace our 2005 Crown Victoria ($55,000). During late 2019 and early 2020, the city completed the ADA improvements to Culbertson Park. This included: an asphalt path, linking all play areas of the park; resurfacing the tennis and basketball courts; replacing the old dugouts with new ADA accessible dugouts; and installing a new ADA play structure. The city paid for labor to do the installs, but the rest of the money came from private and state grants. The total project was approximately $140,000.

2021 streets and storm water work

In the 2021 budget we have included the following items for the streets fund:

1. $827,489 for South Washington Street (new paving and drainage from Sid Snyder Dr. to south city limits)

2. $3,000 for signage (stop signs, street signs)

3. $10,000 for paint (thermoplastic for curbing, parking lots and stop bars)

4. $3,000 for safety gear (replacement)

5. $3,000 for arch maintenance (painting and new lights)

6. $3,000 for annual training and certification renewals

Long Beach storm water rates.jpg

In the 2021 budget we have included the following items for the storm water fund:

1. $25,000 for the storm water management plan

2. $50,000 for the 3rd St. North pump station rebuild and electrical upgrade

3. $40,000 to replace piping from 3rd St. North and Oregon to 7th St. North

4. $80,000 for the 3rd St. North pump station generator

5. $8,000 for catch basin maintenance (cleaning and repairs)

6. $10,000 for annual pump maintenance

7. $4,000 for culvert ditches at 16th and 17th St. North and Oregon

Two projects were completed in 2020: Culbertson Park ADA improvements and Idaho Avenue improvements

Meet schedule

The budget workshops are open to the public and are conducted via Zoom. The link to attend can be found on the city website and I encourage anyone interested to attend. The remaining workshops scheduled are:

Business/Occupation and Lodging funds: Oct. 19 at 5 p.m.

Water and Sewer funds: Oct. 26 at 5 p.m.

Current Expense and Police funds: Nov. 2 at 5 p.m.

The final budget hearing and the adoption of the budget is scheduled for Dec. 7 at 7 p.m.

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