I am proud and honored to serve as the mayor of Long Beach. My focus and commitment to you is that all actions taken are for the good of the overall community, not for isolated situations, individuals, or organizations. We are all in this together and our successes are as a team. Communication is the key, and I encourage you to voice your opinions by attending our council meetings or sending emails and letters to myself or City Hall.

We are closing out another year that has been full of challenges, opportunities and accomplishments. I honestly believe we are blessed to have a city staff that includes the city administrator, community development director, council, department heads and all employees that are committed to providing great services to our city.

My emphasis has been on a comprehensive review of our budget, code enforcement (removing abandoned properties that create health and safety issues), transparency, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the city’s operations. I believe we have made major headway in these areas. We still have many challenges facing us in the future. The major concern is always ensuring sufficient public safety. This would include police, fire, emergency management, water and wastewater services to meet and protect our citizens at all times.

As your mayor, I am actively involved with the Association of Washington Cities (AWC), and represent all cities on the west side of the state with a population of 5,000 or less on both the AWC Small Cities Advisory Board and the AWC Board of Directors. I stay engaged with legislators in Olympia trying to obtain funding for us.

I thank you for your trust and support over the past year. I pray you all have a happy and healthy new year. God bless.

Jerry Phillips


Long Beach

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