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“My most inspiring dreams are dance dreams, with the choreography fully formed and the music playing in my head.”

When asked about dreams, friends and relatives emailed tales of mystery, anxiety, whimsy, inspiration. One tugs at me personally — the courage of an adopted child.


Do you ever dream a solution to a problem?

• ”Dreams. I couldn’t function without them, as I believe my dreams reintegrate my cognitions/emotions/self identity/destiny track, during that sleep time … what an excellent brain function …”

• “Winnie the Pooh says … I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long … if we’re in each other’s dreams we can be together all the time.”

• “My most inspiring dreams are dance dreams, with the choreography fully formed and the music playing in my head. I rush to my church as soon as I can to try out my dream by myself. Sometimes the steps don’t fit the space or I find two dancers are likely to crash into each other! I make adjustments. When I start rehearsals, more adjustments are needed. I never lose sight of the dream picture as I’m working with the dancers. Some of the most satisfying and inspiring dances, both for myself and the other dancing women, started with a dream … so, God-inspired, cheered on by friends, I dance-dream on …”

• “One of my dreams was actually an Inner Experience (per Reverend Flower A. Newhouse) and it was SOOO real, nothing can take it away from that what I thought was … a dream. Was deeply saddened by the death of a friend — and perhaps my heart was needing some Truth.”

• “Context: 1) woke up about 5, had water and then went to Starbucks 2) 2nd cup at home, 3) 8:30, need a nap, 4) Drs. Minirth & Meier (Christian counselors in Dallas, Texas) become well known for their book, “Happiness is A Choice”. Dream: searching desperately for a restroom that isn’t already occupied … Several different locations … At the last location I meet Mrs. Minirth, and tell her, “You know, happiness is based on happenings. JOY is a Choice! The title of your husband’s book was wrong.” Woke up and rushed to the john!”

• “I recall a dream I had as a teen, when the family had been offered a different house in the mining camp. There were enticing perks about it, including a special room that I could have. Dad asked me one morning if I thought we should accept the offer. I became upset and told him I had dreamed about being in that house, and there was a fire that caused a lot of damage to it. He said, ‘OK. I’ll tell them today that we will not be moving.’ I was surprised that he put that much into my answer, but I remember it covered the whole incident with peace that I found odd. Months later, we learned they sold that house, clearing out that whole area.”

• “I believe that through the Holy Spirit we are taught many things, warned of dangers, comforted in time of need, etc. This is one of those warnings. (A friend) suggested we take the kids to their swimming place. It was a limestone quarry that had been converted to a commercial swimming pool. It sounded pretty wonderful. All of a sudden, we were driving in a place that was very familiar to me. I had had several very foreboding dreams that were all alike. I had driven down this street … the trees, traffic, sidewalks were just like my dream. As we got closer and closer, my heart started pounding and I was getting very anxious … I started crying. In my dream we had gone into this place, the kids had their suits on and were happily playing in the water when someone came running and yelled, “(My son) has drowned.” He is our fourth child. He was 10 years old. I screamed in my dream and woke up. I turned to the kids, through tears I told them of my dream. I had never had a dream like that, but it was a clear warning that he would drown if we went in there. I told the children we had to go back. I will forever see that street and that swimming pool, as vivid in my mind today as they were 43 years ago. I am so grateful to a merciful God for warning me so vividly in that dream that a terrible thing would happen if we went swimming there. I am so grateful for the gift of my son’s life, for his sweet wife and his three wonderful children. I have no doubt that the warning was real and that if I had not paid attention, we would have lost him.”

• “About a year or two ago, (a relative) was helping me with repairs of my old high wheel weed eater. He got the needed parts and spent a lot of time trying to get it back together. I dreamed, visualizing parts being re-assembled at once, instead of steps of removal — rather like parts of a 3-D jigsaw puzzle. When I told him about it, he was able to try, and it worked!!”

Are there dreams you had long ago that you still recall?

• “A week or so ago I came across a dream from perhaps 25 years ago — all written up like a play!”

• “I don’t remember my dreams as much as I did when I was young. Sort of miss them. I used to dream in color and could fly but no more. Ah, well. Now I just literally get on an airplane (not in my dreams).”

• “Dreams have influenced me in major ways throughout my life. This place where I live, my ‘life-style,’ if you will, seems like a dream a lot of the time. Guess it’s why I’ve kept dream journals for many years, to ‘document’ the movement, changes in my life. Well, yes, I often say, ‘I didn’t even dream this life,’ the one I’m living now, to have purchased and remodeled the home I live in, etc.”

• “So I have never talked about this dream from long, long, long ago. It’s a dream that I had often and I didn’t figure it out till I was about 12 or 13. The dream is nothing but pink and red blobs in motion like a lava lamp and a black dot. I’m the black dot in the motion and it’s like being on a waterbed, very soothing, comfortable, and safe. Then I wake up and I feel lost and panicked. I would have this dream a few times a week for years, it was very comforting and I would look forward to having it, but would dread waking up and would almost cry and wished I could go back to sleep. I figured the pink and red were my biological mother and I was the dot. Now I’m not sure if it is possible for it to be a memory, but I figured I was either in the womb, or maybe being held by her, and like every baby I felt safe and secure and loved. Then, I wake up and lose that feeling. Now, being adopted was never an issue, or anything I personally had to deal with until we moved to (new city). It was when I was 12 or 13 when I came to the realization that you are my parents, and nobody could possibly love or care for me more or than you. Soon after that, I stopped having the dream. I missed it for a long time. Nothing could duplicate the feeling. I knew you loved me, wanted me, and chose me, but I missed the dream feeling. I know I tested lots of limits. I’m thinking that I thought if I pushed you far enough away with some of my behavior, I could get the dream feeling back. It didn’t work. I’ve had the dream only a handful of times since then. I know that I’m forgiven, but I am very sorry for everything in my past. I love you.”

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