Vote for the Levy, Feb. 8

It's time to vote! On Tuesday, Feb. 8, an educational levy election will be held. It is very important that everyone vote in this election! At least 2,300 voters are needed to validate.

A positive vote renews the existing tax. This is not a new tax. In fact, it is a continuing tax at an even lower rate than before - $1.95 per $1,000 valuation - about 4 cents lower than last year. This levy supports materials, technology, building maintenance, and class overloads. The levy covers about 30 percent of the budget for basic education, staffing, administration, and extracurricular activities.

The bond we passed in 2003 is remodeling our schools. It is imperative these schools be fully staffed, properly maintained, and stocked with the necessary materials.

Education is the cornerstone of democracy. Vote "yes" for education! Our whole community benefits from an educated populace. Vote "yes" for the levy on Feb. 8. See you at the polls.

Ocean Beach Education Association

As a parent, community member and president of the Ilwaco Sports Boosters, I would encourage you to lend your support and vote for the Ocean Beach School District No. 101 Educational Program Levy on the Feb. 8 ballot.

This ballot measure ensures the continued funding of important building maintenance and operational activities, including instructional and extracurricular activities for the kids in this school district.

This is not a new tax! Take the time to vote. Voting yes for this measure shows your continued support for the kids of this community.


Mike DeSimone

Ilwaco Sports Boosters

Dear Peninsula Voters:

Peninsula students need your vote in the Tuesday, Feb. 8, school election. The record voter turnout in the November election makes it mandatory to get 60 percent of those voters out to vote in order to pass the school levy. This election is a must every three years. This levy replaces an old one. It is not an additional tax.

Levies do not provide money for buildings. No longer are levies used for "extras." Levies provide for music and art teachers and materials for science classes and the libraries. Essentials to a well rounded curriculum depend upon the levy dollar. These dollars enrich the educational program and put our students on an equal footing with those from more affluent school districts. The extracurricular program is funded by levy dollars.

Ilwaco High School graduates have been successful in college as well as in life. Please give the current students the same opportunities that our successful students have had. Vote yes for good schools on Tuesday, Feb. 8.

Marjorie Beard, retired Ocean Beach School District teacher


To the voters of the Long Beach Peninsula:

I am writing on behalf of the Ilwaco Sports Boosters Club to urge you to "get out and vote" on Tuesday, Feb. 8. The only item on the ballot is a Maintenance and Operations Levy for the Ocean Beach School District. This is essential to pay for maintenance costs at the school. It also pays for extracurricular activities such as the buses to transport the teams to away games. Most importantly it provides for teachers' salaries for those classes that are considered "non basic classes" such as art, music, and band.

We must show our children we believe in them by supporting these extracurricular activities. These activities enrich the lives of students and if you attend any of the sporting events or concerts, they enrich your life also. The students deserve the chance to excel and add to their basic education. This is not a new tax but continues what you are already paying. We must have a certain percentage of voters turn out in order to validate the election. Make your vote count. Please show your support for our children. Thank you.

Mary P. Goelz, treasurer of the Ilwaco Sports Boosters Club and, more importantly, a parent of a student in the Ocean Beach School District

Long Beach

I am writing this letter of support for the upcoming educational levy on Feb. 8. As a community we need to continue to support our schools. Am I saying that our schools are perfect and there is no room for improvement? Not at all. What I'm saying is that we need to step up and support this levy so that the schools can continue to function. As citizens if we say, "I don't like this teacher," or "I don't like this program" so I'm voting no, then we are making a mistake and not looking at the bigger picture. Please vote "yes" on Feb. 8.

Flint R. Wright

Long Beach

As we watch our schools being renovated, it is time to remember that we must support the daily maintenance and operations of the school district. Just like maintaining one's home, the maintenance of our schools is key to their viability. It is important to say yes to this local taxation. A sound education is the most important tool for our youth to succeed and allow for a strong future.

Please ensure our local kids have the best possible educational opportunities - VOTE YES!

Ed and Catherine Ketel

Long Beach

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