What are we becoming? I feel that this tragic event is a prime example of what the Peninsula has slowly become. Obviously the police in this area need more help and it is a horrible shame that something like this had to happen to prove this point.

Scott, you have thousands of friends who are rooting for your full recovery! Hugs,

Patty Turpin

What a shock! What a shock! Scott has truly been an asset to our Naselle community. My oldest daughter and Scott's son went all the way through school together, so I have been acquainted with him and his family for many years. He is truly liked and respected by all of us. I will, as all of our family will, keep him and his in our prayers.

Debra Mobley

Good reporting Congratulations to the wonderful reporting team of the Chinook Observer and the Daily Astorian, on the story of Trooper Johnson's shooting. It was very well written and informative. We live in Portland, and have property in the Ocean Park area. Your paper really does a great job, keep up the good work.


Best wishes to Scott Best wishes to Scott Johnson in his true heroism in the line of duty.

Patricia Cruse

Ocean Beach is the best Ocean Beach Hospital is the best. After all the negative rumors that I had heard I felt it necessary to set every one straight. I just finished six days in this hospital and this is the best care and concern I have ever received in any of the other hospitals I have been in. Give our local hospital staff the respect they deserve. This applies to the doctors, lab techs and best of all, the nursing staff. Their caring and nursing skills are the greatest. Keep up the loving care. It pays to go to the smaller hospitals. They have time for your needs and concerns.

Darlene jay

Thinking of the Almbergs Regarding Bruce Charles Almberg:

About my good friend for many of years: I have known Bruce and Denise for close to 20 years and what a perfect couple. They were always full of laughter and wit. They were both so happy. My heart goes out to Denise and I hope you know as we talked I said that I will be here for you and I truly, sincerely want you to know that I am.

God bless and love always,

Stacy Robertson

Inspirational story Regarding "The Conner Jones story":

I originally met this family through the Web site MySpace. My son was just born and diagnosed with Prune Belly Syndrome and neurological developmental delays. I was looking for other families that had children with the rare condition of PBS. Sarah's profile was the first one that popped up. We met online and talked for many weeks.

My family got to know Sarah and Brad through MySpace and eventually Facebook over the years. We have many things in common with our special needs children.

From the time that I met this family, they were always very loving, caring, and always willing to lend an ear for a frustrated father dealing with a son with a rare condition. They have given us guidance, support and someone to just vent to, even in the sight of their own struggles.

This family has had their ups and downs, but I have always seen a whole lot of love and care that surrounds them. They are the very definition of a family. Now we have not officially face to face met yet, but I feel like we are very close to them. They deserve all of the help, care and love that they are getting.

Jason Tuttle

I just want to say that through all the things this family goes through they still remember themselves how to give.

I remember when my dad was dying in the hospital Sarah was there for me. I remember when I had a very intensive surgery Sarah again, and her family, was there for me and brought our family dinner as I had to be in the home for six weeks. They are an amazing family and oh so strong. We are blessed that they are a part of the community. Even when Conner was there struggling many times and it was close so many times Sarah said that she believed my dad was Conner's angel waiting for him.

Wow, what an amazing strong family they are. We are blessed to have them in our lives as well and their amazing kindness. They are so giving in so many ways that it is nice to see others give to them in their time of need. God Bless.

Janette Bolin

Thank you for the beautiful article about Conner Jones and his family.

It was so refreshing to read his mom and dad's positive statements about their decision not to terminate her pregnancy and how Conner has been such a blessing to them.

Please convey to them my utmost respect and admiration. God's blessings to them.

Norma J. Schmidt

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