Once in a while — perhaps more often than we realize — we must listen to the young people around us.

That was the theme of part of Naselle High School Principal Quinn Donlan’s comments as he honored the third class he has shepherded through to graduation at the school.

Quoting poet Angela Schwindt, he recalled her memorable line, “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”

Around him in the gym June 8, the Naselle community was giving the two dozen graduates a group hug as they headed out into the adult world.

As confident class speaker Jacob Eaton said, “They say it takes a community to raise a kid and I am thankful that I got to be raised in this community.”

On the wall of the gym facing Eaton and his classmates was a slogan penned by a perceptive young woman clad in her cap and gown seated close to him.

After graduation, Saleana Patterson is embarking on training in graphic design at Seattle Central College.

We wish her well.

Patterson penned the remarkable words that became the class motto — highlighted in tall lettering displayed on an entire wall of the gym.

“We tend to take life for granted,” she wrote. “We’re not permanent, and it’s scary. However, we cannot dwell on our fears.

“We should stand tall and move forward. We shall take the people important to us on our journey and make a difference.

“We’ll progress and look to the future and, no matter what, love ourselves.”

It’s a simply superb summary with a poignant conclusion, which we are happy to reprint and highlight on this page.

One bright young mind penned something so eloquent and so remarkable that this entire class of high-achieving youngsters has adopted it for their entire lives.

We, too, could do well to read it over and adopt it as a mantra for life.

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