Pacific County is in the process of rezoning the entire county and made major changes to the proposed zoning ordinance relating to RVs and boats in December 2002 and January 2003. The County's definition of RVs includes boats and boat trailers. The current rezoning proposal developed by the county's planning commission significantly impacts the use of RVs including boats and trailers in R-1 zones on the Long Beach Peninsula. These changes include:

• Recreational Vehicle (includes boats and boat trailers by definition) use in the Restricted Residential (R-1) land use district expires on September 30, 2005. After October 1, 2005, RV use or occupancy in the Restricted Residential (R-1) land use district is prohibited. Generally the areas of R-1 include the Seaview ocean frontage, the ocean frontage extending from Cranberry Road north to the northern edge of Surfside Estates (minus some small areas), the Willapa Bay frontage from Cranberry Road north to Nahcotta, then again north to Oysterville (minus some small areas). R-1 zones include not only the waterfront but also interior lots. For example almost all of Surfside Estates including lots both in front of and behind the ridge are proposed to be zoned R-1.

• RV usage is permitted in some other zones (e.g. R-2) and in the R-1 zone until September 30, 2005 is subject to the following:

• Temporary recreational vehicle occupancy by individuals other than the property owners or their immediate family shall be prohibited;

• All RVs being used on private property shall be connected to an existing, approved on-site sewage disposal system.

• All RVs shall have an approved source of water including either connection to a community water service or an approved on-site domestic well.

• Any property where temporary RV usage is occurring shall have adequate area on-site to accommodate all parking of RVs and other vehicles outside of the county right-of-way;

• No more than two RVs shall be allowed on a vacant parcel at any one time. More than two RVs may be allowed in conjunction with an existing single-family dwelling, provided such temporary usage does not exceed seven consecutive days nor more than 21 total days per calendar year.

• All RV usage shall adhere to the minimum setbacks for the district within which the RV is being temporarily occupied;

• The unoccupied presence (temporary storage) of RV's on vacant lots for periods longer than 48 hours is prohibited;

• Temporary RV occupancy is permitted between May 15 and Sept. 30 of each year. Temporary RV occupancy may occur between Oct. 1 and May 14 of each year provided the usage does not exceed seven consecutive days nor more than 21 cumulative days. This does not apply to the R-1 zone after Sept. 30, 2005

• An RV (including boats and boat trailers) shall maintain current license plates and registration, and be readily transportable at all times

The complete text with the exact wording of the Proposed Ordinance is available at the County's web site:

Section 21 pertaining to RVs including boats and boat trailers starts on page 118. Do you know what the proposed zoning is for your area? Probably not, although that information was available at the Pacific County Department of Community Development office if you knew to ask. Detailed localized page size zoning maps, available since January and February 2003 can be requested from the county. They are not currently available on the county's web site but they have plans to make them available in the next few weeks.

The planning commission is preparing to issue a recommendation for adoption of the proposed land development (zoning) ordinance and adoption of the proposed countywide land use district maps by holding two hearings as follows:

• March 18 at 6 p.m. in the Pacific County Annex Building in South Bend (Written comments must be received by 4 p.m. on March 18 to be part of the record).

• March 20 at 6 p.m. in the Ilwaco Heritage Museum in Ilwaco. (Written comments must be received by 4 p.m. on March 20 to be part of the record).

Many of the people who own property on the Peninsula are not aware of the impact of these zoning changes especially those proposed in December and January and are unaware of the importance of either attending the hearings or sending in written comments to provide their input into this re-zoning process. Because the planning commission meetings are held in the evenings during the workweek, it is very difficult for absentee property owners to attend and there has been very limited public attendance. Please tell your friends and neighbors (especially absentee RV property owners) who may unknowingly be impacted by these proposed significant changes so they have the opportunity to provide their input on a timely basis. Letters should be sent to:

Pacific County Planning Commission

P.O. Box 68

South Bend, WA 98586

Inputs can also be faxed to (360) 875-9304 or 642-9304 or e-mailed to:,

If you e-mail be sure to put in the subject line: For Planning Commission - copy to Board of Commissioners (if you want them to have a copy).

If you have questions concerning the proposed zoning ordinance, want to request a zoning map or want to find out what zoning is proposed for your area, contact the department of community development at (360) 875-9356 (South Bend) or 642-9382 (Long Beach).

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