George W. Bush is on tour, hawking his autobiography actually written mostly by 28-year-old ghostwriter and Bush-devotee Christopher Michel. Ever so personable and "humble," "W" seems anxious to redefine his "legacy," so that Americans clearly understand what we've inherited from his presidency.

But have we Americans succumbed to ADD here? Bush does admit some mistakes. How gracious of him. But his "worst moment" during his eight-year presidency was when loose-canon rapper Kanye West called him a racist. Huh? That's his worst moment? Oh, come now.

Have we forgotten the two wars he lied us into, the WMD fiasco, Abu Ghraib, the multiple scandals, the Patriot Bill and the deterioration of our Constitutional rights, the prescription drug bill, the Katrina disaster (he viewed in a flyover, thinking that landing would be a "distraction"), the huge deficit he ran up while helping his billionaire buddies with a 10-year tax cut, our deteriorated reputation world-wide - all delivered by someone who described himself as a "compassionate conservative"?

No. Brushing the Bush disaster under the carpet is like changing a band-aid on a fracture.

Let's never forget that we Americans - twice - elected a man who was proudly ignorant, anti-science, anti-environment, and anti-fact - an incompetent man who proudly mangled the English language and seemed childish, vindictive, impulsive, and (while wrapping himself in the flag and the Bible) showed no "empathy" for anyone but the filthy rich.

I'm wondering why anyone would buy Bush's pricey book (unless GWB agreed to donate all profits to the victims of the Katrina hurricane). GWB still lives in his truth-free zone, refusing to acknowledge anything that might risk real humiliation.

Bush is obviously guilty of confabulation (filling in his memory gaps with fabricated stories), "gumping" (muddling through complacently in the hope that more good luck or divine intervention might produce some favorable outcome as we assess his stature as worst president in American history), and numerous war crimes. War criminals like Bush should never be allowed to profit from their crimes.

Bush's Decision Points book should be placed in the crime section of any library that foolishly purchases it. Some of us actually clearly remember what this man did to our country. And despite his smirks, smiles and good-ole-boy demeanor as he visits Oprah, Bill O'Reilly, Hannity, Jay Leno and company, America should not patronize him further. Let Bush pursue his anonymity in Texas.

After all, GWB - Mr. Humble - has a great deal to be humble about. And we shouldn't forget that.

So, Mr. Decider, place a copy of your astonishing, non-apologetic Decision Points in your about-to-be-dedicated "lie-bury" in Austin. But some of us will remember what you really left Obama and the country. Quite a "legacy," wouldn't you say?

Robert Brake is a teacher and freelance writer residing in Ocean Park. Reach him at

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