Hamilton outlines reasons for quitting Democratic Party EDITOR'S NOTE: Pacific County Commissioner Pat Hamilton, whose district includes most of the northern third of the county, announced her resignation from the Democratic Party last week. Hamilton, long known for her opposition to state and federal environmental regulations, was re-elected last year to a fourth four-year term. She intends to retain her commission seat.

This letter has been sent to Paul Berendt, the Democratic Chairman for the State of Washington.

Dear Chairman Berendt:

As you know, I have been elected as a Pacific County Commissioner four times as a Democrat. I have sincerely appreciated the public support. But the Democratic Party has changed.

The old Democratic Party was a voice for the unemployed and a strong voice for both rural and urban working families. Both my parents were union people and worked in union shops. I chose to be a Democrat.

Today's Green Democratic Party is more concerned with wetlands and animal rights than it is with the human equation.

You may not realize it but we are in crisis here in Southwest Washington. Private property has been regulated away with no just compensation. Countless jobs have been lost, established businesses closed while new businesses , fearful of extreme regulations, never locate here.

The Green Democrats want to stop us from destroyingour beautiful countryside. What they fail to understand is that we have been working with a love of the land that can only come from ownership and commitment. That is why our land is still beautiful.

As the elected Democratic Committeewoman for the 19thLegislative District, I have not been shy in raising my voice trying to get the party to adopt platform that focuses on creating new jobs.

Maybe the last straw came in January when I attended the re-organization meeting where you laid out a ten-point plan for the next year. Item 3 on the list was to invite more Greens into the Democratic Party, to focus even more on appeasing the environmental extremists who bolted the party in 2000. This Green agenda will cost thousands of jobs in Washington state.

Paul, for me this is personal. I represent people who have struggled for a decade with double-digit unemployment. While you're concerned about Growth Management,we have had to live with declining population.

I have worked in a union job and been a single mom. I know firsthand what it means to be looking for work.

As a county commissioner, I have spent a decade trying to protect our working families from state and federal agencies that are destroying communities.

State and Federal Agencies clearly have the upper hand, I have struggled to preserve our rural way of life by fighting the illegal shoreline guidelines and the new Water Quality Standards to name a few. Each time legislation is introduced that would require agencies to base their decisions on real science or have a reasonable performance standard, it is killed by the Democrats or vetoed by the Democratic governor.

The new Green Democratic Party ignores real science while imposing impossible land use setbacks and unfair setasides. The most radical environmentalists twist science to guarantee the result they want: and end to working forests, working fisheries and working people.

These extremists believe rural Washington should serve as a parkland so they have somewhere to visit on the weekends when the pressure of stock options, monorails, and triple mochas become too much to bear.

In truth, it seems the only jobs Green Democrat politicians want to protect are those of public employees: the same bureaucrats that have regulated our country to its knees.

If the Democratic Party is going to continue to pursue policies that will throw people out of work, I can no longer be a part of it.

For these reasons, I must formally submit my resignation as the 19th District Democratic committeewoman, my post as a Democratic precinct committee officer, and my membership in the Democratic Party.

I find the Republican Party more closely identifies with my positions, both political and personal. I believe I can better serve my constituents in a party that understands rural issues, and who will be a positive partner in the search for more local jobs.

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