I read with interest the article sent to the local papers by the management of PACE in Ilwaco. What a joke. They claim they had to cut Shelly Steveson's job due to the economic times. My question in that case, why was a replacement hired the same day to take Shelly's position? Among other things, we seniors want Shelly back. You could not find a more dedicated and caring person.

A 51-page report was given to O3A board and the Pacific County Commissioners outlining some of the outrageous practices of the so-called management of PACE. The general attitude is people are being fed, so what? This is a taxpayer-supported organization along with other grants, etc. That is the "So What" of it, for one thing. What about keeping money in Pacific County? The president of the PACE board of directors owns an insurance company in Longview and this person does not even live in Pacific County. All of the PACE insurance is being carried by this person's company. Would not this reek of conflict of interest between this person's position and contrary to "Let's keep our money in Pacific County"? Another question comes to mind. This person lives in another county, how does he get to sit as president of board of directors or any position in Pacific County?

This 51-page report spells it all out. How about it, commissioners and O3A? Is this business as usual letting these people get away with their shenanigans, or will you step to the plate and do the right thing?

Les Edersheim


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