This election trail is unfortunately going to be littered with ugly irrelevant accusations to obfuscate the real issues. The McCain campaign has stolen the platform of Obama and making it theirs. The most obvious is a call for change. Change was a call from Obama for months before the word was uttered by Senator McCain. Energy source diversification was Obama's long before Palin picked it up. Washington is about you, not me. Again, Obama's cry. I guess if you have no ideas of your own, you copy the ones of the better candidate.

Palin has misrepresented her bridge to nowhere rejection since she voted for it and took some of the money and when it proved unpopular, she rejected it but never returned the money Alaska had already received.

The issues are being lost. Sarah Palin is a conservative that does not represent women's rights. She is a woman. That is where it ends. Voting for a woman because she is a woman is like not voting for a woman because she is a woman. It is just as sexist and gender biased. Voting for the best candidate for the job regardless of gender or race is what America should be about.

I think Americans are smarter than the McCain-Palin campaign gives them credit for, and it is insulting for them to think we will fall for these obvious tactics. Let's not forget there is an unpopular war raging, an economy closer to the depression of the '30s than any time since, an education crisis for teachers and students alike, and an image of Americans throughout the world that is an embarrassment.

We are very fortunate on this Peninsula to have a close community that rallies together for each crisis, that volunteers tirelessly, and that shows an unprecedented amount of support for individuals and causes. Most of America is not so fortunate and a community organizer is just what our country needs. Let's rally behind Obama and get a winner in the White House. The winners will be you and me.


Ocean Park

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