There are few more sad, painful and polarizing subjects than abortion, as it deals with potential life. But it is incredible to me that some people feel that an embryo or

fetus merits more consideration than the young woman carrying it. Even more incredible is the idea, expressed in a recent letter, that when pregnancy is the result of incest or rape that the young woman should be doubly and lengthily punished by making her continue the pregnancy to term. I think that is the utmost in cruelty.

Those people who say they value life so much — why aren’t they protesting as vociferously sending our young people off to fight in wars of dubious necessity? This Memorial Day reminds me painfully that so many don’t come back. Why aren’t those adults worth more consideration?

For a group that rails against what they see as too much governmental control, I marvel over the intrusiveness of the pro-life movement into women’s private lives. I still believe in that bumper sticker: Against abortion? Then don’t have one.

K. Sharon Van Heuit


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