So tell me, how is it that we need the bodies of undocumented Latinos to sustain American Imperialism at the same time we need them as debate subjects based on pretended American political hatred?

Why are we debating the ejection of illegal aliens at the same time we desperately need them to body-up the supposed mighty military arm of American freedom?

While Mr. Bush, Mr. Romney, Mr. Tancredo as well as all the rest of those Republican and Democratic candidates preening for nominations rap piously on and on about our illegal immigrants, this nation continues to mine deeply among undocumented immigrant families for young sacrificial victims to murder on the alter of American Imperialism.

In the spirit of Mel Gibson's villains in his "Apocalypto," the Bushco priesthood is sending out mind raiders to kidnap young Latinos and spirit them into another world beyond imagining. It will be a world where the taking of their  lives continues in ever-increasing numbers.

While doing so, the Republican incumbent hypocrites - with the tacit silent cooperation of Democratic weak sisters - incite the national crowd by then tearing out the hearts - not of the young soldiers who have already been sacrificed - but the hearts of thier grieving Latino families;

? In a grandstand play worthy of any self-serving demagocracy, proudly hold up those torn and bleeding family hearts solemnly for all to see

? And all American cowards to shout praises in one mighty self-serving patriotic war cry.

We are, or should be the grownups in this country.

Right here and right now we should forget our leisure leanings and start shouting, start the cascading exploding righteous and overdue indignation.

If you are too busy or too lazy to speak out, to join a rally or to surround and disrupt a network TV station, then by God take ten minutes to send someone you voted for (or voted against) the message of a mature and  grown-up American citizen.

In the meantime, while you and I make up our minds, there are more dying - warriors and civilians - for no legitimately noble reason.

? Not for broken pottery barns and certainly not to support inappropriate surges rationalized as supposed prevention of unavoidable chaos

? A chaos supposedly delayed at a cost way too high for this nation to keep paying.

Arthur Ruger

Bay Center

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