I've written a few letters before about friends and loved ones passing away, but now it's become more personal. About 10 months ago, my Dad came down with cancer and had to go into the hospital for an operation. The doctors thought that they had gotten it all, as they always think, and I've come to believe that they say it just to put the family at ease. Through all that and about 10 months later, Dad stopped eating and wouldn't drink anything, or at least very little. Mom then took Dad back to the hospital to be checked out. They ran more tests that showed that the cancer was now back and in his blood stream. Hospice has been called and Dad is no longer taking medications.

Everyone out there who has gone through this knows just how hard it is on the family. But Dad knows the Lord and can hardly wait to walk through those Golden Gates and stand along side his Lord who he has been so faithful to for so many years. I went to see Dad yesterday and found out that when Dad goes to sleep and wakes up to find that he is still here and not in heaven, he gets quite upset.

So as we live with Dad's final days, I can now say that I can truthfully understand just how hard these trying days are and feel much closer to those I have written about in the past. This time I've gotten to tell my Dad ahead of time, to tell our friends and loved ones that we miss them and will see them when it's our time, in much like the blinking of an eye. Dad said that he would save us a place and for us to follow in the steps of the Lord because he wanted to be sure to see us again. God bless you Dad, and all those who have and are going through these same trying days.

Stan Heward

Ocean Park

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