I wanted to show my appreciation to the management of the Liberty Theater in Astoria for their efforts to introduce me to their world.

They have given me opportunity to see the everyday tasks of all the people involved. I think I should say special thanks to all of them, from the volunteer ushers to the guild people and the management starting with the Executive Director Rosemary Baker-Monaghan and to Larry Bryant, director of operations, who works in different management and technical positions anytime he is needed with no pay.

Ms Pavelette Mallory, house manager, is still a volunteer and is involved actively with everything as needed. Ms. Jo Robinson, director of the guild is incredible with her volunteer active theater work. Mr. Tim Dalrymple, assistant to operations is everywhere he is needed as a volunteer. In meetings he is a most encouraging person for a better future for the theater.

Through my observation, I discovered that all these people are very strong in their opinions and actions. They all want the best for the theater, so they work objectively. Since Ms. Rosemary Baker-Monaghan is a director, things move fast in the right directions. Including her, everyone is active in big operations ranging from vacuuming the floor and setting the chairs to managing the stage.

All the programs in Clatsop County and Pacific County should know about their great work. In today's world it is hard to find people who are so enthusiastic and successful. Thanks to the board too because their money and decisions are important.

Ivone Drabik

Ocean Park

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