The article by Cate Cable on James Cameron and his new movie "Avatar" made me wonder if she realizes what message or point the director was trying to convey. To me it was nothing more than man's greed vs. the natural world, in this case the planet (or moon) "Pandora." The Na'vi people (Native Americans) vs. those tattooed fellows. A playback of American history dating back some 250 years. At that time, the North American continent was "Pandora," and the U.S. military was in its infancy. Flash forward to today and 350 million tattoos later and here we are.

Forget about the money and technology. What was portrayed in that movie actually happened in this country, and also other countries in the world. The suppression of a weaker race by a stronger one with superior firepower.

I wonder if the tattoos had won out what would have become of the Na'vi? Enslaved? Farmed out to reservations and stripped of all dignity and cultural identify? Perhaps. But the land and their heritage would have been cost to them forever.

The picture in the paper on Page A2 of the dozer ploughing through a road in the Seaview dunes had a scene in the movie exactly like it. Is this the beautiful earth right outside the door Cate was talking about, or is it just the latest path to the year 2154?

P.S. I also wonder with the way this county works if that road was done legally, ribbons a flying or not. What's next? Another 125-foot high lighthouse in Seaview?

Gene Lilly


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