Anyone here own a business? Anyone here owning a business have to deal with inconsiderate people blocking the entrance to their business? Anyone here ask the person to move their vehicle only to be subjected to a tirade and a threat of “I will never come to your business!”?

Why is it the one in the wrong becomes self-righteous, indignant and inconsiderate when confronted with their indiscretion? Why can’t they accept their mistake and take responsibility for their actions and behavior? This is very indicative of our uncivilized society. We no longer expect politeness, and worse, we no longer know how to be polite. Consideration is old fashioned in our “the world revolves around me” universe.

To the gentleman who deliberately blocked the entrance to my business: I am sorry you were offended by my request to move your truck. I wish you would have been brought up to be respectful of others. Too bad for that! I do hope when you badmouth my business and myself you have the honesty to say, “Maybe I should not have parked across the driveway, maybe I was responsible.” But I will not hold my breath on that!

Robert zenger

Long Beach

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