Monday evening, July 6, at the Beach Barons Car Club general meeting, in a nearly unanimous vote, the membership accepted the advice of the Executive Board to postpone the 37th Rod Run until 2021, more than likely in September, provided certain guidelines set forth by federal and state officials have been lifted.

Up until June 27, Rod Run 2020 was still a "go" and the club was cautiously proceeding with plans, knowing that the likelihood of something changing could still exist. Also, the club had set a "drop dead" date of the first week in July. Telephone conversations with the county commissioners were met with positive responses, that should the status quo remain, Pacific County was in excellent position to petition for Phase IV by mid-July. Phase IV was the deciding factor our club needed to continue with having the show.

On June 27, Gov. Jay Inslee and the Washington State Health Administrator, John Weisman issued a document stating that Washington state has put the entire state on "pause" such that no county will be allowed to proceed to Phase IV because it was "…impossible at this time." More telephone conversations with our county commissioners where Mr. Frank Wolf estimated, at best, it would be another "two months" before Pacific County could petition to be elevated to Phase IV, and another two to three weeks after that before any decision could be reached.

On July 1, a special meeting of the Beach Barons Car Club Executive Board was held to discuss our options. At the end of this lengthy meeting, a vote was taken and passed unanimously, that the board recommend to the general membership to postpone Rod Run 2020 until such time it could be safely held, possibly in September 2021.

In closing, I wish to thank this community with its merchants, organizations, and fellowships for your never ending support of the Beach Barons Car Club. I also want to publicly thank the entire Beach Barons Car Club Executive Board, and all the Rod Run chairpersons for stepping up to the challenge of putting on such an event in these troubling times. I can assure everyone, the decision to postpone 36 years of tradition was not easy. Our hearts are deeply saddened that we have to postpone this show, because we know how much it means to and for this community.

I ask that all those interested, please continue to check our website at for future information regarding the 37th Rod Run and other Beach Baron Car Club activities. Also, the Beach Barons Car Club does not have an official site on Facebook, or any other social media platforms. is the only site for official information.


President, Beach Barons Car Club

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