Regarding Patricia Cruse’s letter in the Oct. 23 Observer, “The Instinct to Kill”:

It is sad to be so afraid of the black bear, bears that will retreat up a tree in fear when anyone shouts, “boo” at them. It must be Hollywood and hunter magazines that promote this. Did you know the bear that is standing up growling in the movies does this because his trainer tells him he will give him a cookie or a kiss if he does so? The sports magazine cover picture of huge bears attacking screaming people are artists’ controlled nightmares or a taxidermists’ wild imagination coming to life, along with the stories of older siblings telling the younger ones that the big bad bear is under the bed waiting to eat you.

Black bears don’t have the instinct to kill. They are extremely intelligent, more intelligent than some humans. Why would anyone want to tame them? Relocate them to save their lives? Treat bears like elk and deer?

Treat bears like elk and deer? The state fees hungry elk and deer but our own gentle giants they inject with poison so strong it does not get metabolized.

There is no happy ever after, people’s intolerance to wild animals will drive them to extinction. They are living beings just like you, give them space.

Doris Parks


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