Letter: Bo Bo and the Angels of Ocean Park

Letter: Bo Bo and the Angels of Ocean Park

His name is Bo Bo. He lives in Ocean Park; sometimes at Saint James Court on Bay Ave, sometimes at R Street and 262 Lane. Bo Bo used to walk along Bay Avenue constantly several years ago. He'd use the crosswalk from Jack's to Doc's. He's always been a local guy.

Bo Bo seems homeless, but this poor, old, weathered pooch has friends who feed and shelter him. The Sentry Market folks are his friends. And I've seen people in Sentry's parking lot drive up early mornings with doggy biscuits, or scraps from their kitchen. Bo Bo limps to them, head low, tail a-wagging - and receives their kind offerings.

Some say he was hit by car many years ago; his right leg is quite disfigured. Others say some kids accidentally fell on him and broke his leg when he was a pup. Most all of his time now (some say he's 18 years old) is spent sleeping, dreaming - perhaps, of his younger, spry days.

Now, he sleeps almost all day, every day. But every morning he barks for just a few minutes - announcing to the community that he is still here, and by the way, don't forget my breakfast. Because it's clear that although he's very old, Bo Bo appreciates kindness and loves his life.

Bo Bo brings out the best in us. Thank you angels of Saint James Court, their neighbor, Keith, and Daneeta and her family at R Street and 262 Lane, and to other friends who shelter, feed and protect Bo Bo during his precious golden years.

And thank you Bo Bo for your morning barks, and for being such a beautiful, loving friend to us all.

Joe Paliani

Ocean Park

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