This letter is directed at six-man charter boats and other small boats. When we the fishermen fish from the shore, we can only fish a small area. But on the other hand a boat can go anywhere on the river. About three weeks ago we bank fishermen were doing good, but as soon as the smaller boats and six-man charter boats moved in on us, some so close we could cast over their line and catch them, the fishing went from hot to bad in just a couple of days.

Now I know the boats have a right to fish when and where they want to. But look at it from the bank fisherman's point of view. Charter and smaller boats can fish anywhere on the river, so why do they have to fish right on top of the bank fishermen. We can't walk on water and fish where other boats are. If so, I wouldn't be writing his letter.

So please give the bank fishermen a break and fish somewhere else on the river. And the people who run these boats maybe don't care about the safety of the people on the boat. But when you cast from shore, you use a lot of power and sometimes the lead will break off and fly three times the distance and it could hit someone on a boat or hit the boat. To me this is not being a good skipper by putting people and a boat at risk. Thanks for listening.

Fred Molsby

A boat and bank fisherman

Long Beach

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