Voters of the Naselle-Grays River Valley School District, my name is Bud Strange and I am a candidate for the Naselle- Grays River Valley School District school board. I am asking for your vote in the Nov. 5 election. My background includes being a lifelong area resident and graduate of Naselle High School; married 43 years; raised two children that also are Naselle High School graduates; volunteer firefighter with the Naselle Volunteer Fire Department for 33 years; fire commissioner of the Naselle Volunteer Fire Department for 20 years; board member of the Naselle Water Company for 16 years; a small business owner for 36 years and computer programmer, systems analyst and manager for 30 years.

I have spent my adult life serving the Naselle community. I have been a part of many positive changes in my roles as a water board member, volunteer firefighter and commissioner. My business background and conservative approach have helped streamline efficiencies both operationally and financially.

If elected, I will be a voice for the people. I will work to ensure that as much information as possible will be put in front of the residents about our school district to keep them informed. As an example, I have created a web blog: where anyone can share thoughts about our school. I also have videotaped the monthly board meetings and posted them on YouTube. This allows people to keep informed without leaving the comfort of their home if they choose. Although there is room for more communication improvement, I consider this a good start. With the blog having over 2,400 views and YouTube monthly board meetings having over 1,800 views, this tells me our community is very interested in what happens at our school. Without being a board member, I have been a factor in positive changes at our school and will continue to work towards positive change.

Bud Strange

Candidate, Naselle School Board

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