I voted for John Kerry and am very sorry he didn't win.

In their acceptance speeches, Bush and Cheney said they had a mandate from the people and that they needed everyone's support. If they really want support and a mandate, I would bet coming out and for once admitting that they made serious mistakes would probably help get both.

Not having an exit plan from Iraq, adequate body armor for many troops and proper armor for Humvees, going to war because of potential WMDs, are only a few of the mistakes.

I'll bet that many of those who voted for him would also appreciate hear the words "I (or we) make mistakes," and then do something to correct the mistakes. Most people respect leaders who admit when they were wrong and do not stubbornly "stay the course".

The troops in Iraq and elsewhere in the world have my support, but George Bush has a long way to go before he gets it.

John Sporseen

Ocean Park

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