As Morehead Park has been mentioned several times in the Observer of late, I am writing to clarify a little slice of local history.

In the late 20's and early 30's my grandfather, J.A. Morehead, developed Camp Morehead as a place for members of youth organizations to come and experience a few weeks of camping on Willapa Bay. Boy and Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs, Camp Fire girls, etc., all came rent free to this spot. Five or six cabins surrounded a Center flagpole, a mess hall to the north and a cook shack to the west. There were memorable bonfires on the sandy beach of Willapa Bay. This was Camp Morehead.

Morehead Park, by contrast, was located to the south and was bordered by Sandridge Road on the west and the road to the port on the south. This was an area that my grandfather developed for the public to picnic, go bathing or just socialize. Organizations such as the Masons held their annual picnics here where he had constructed a bathhouse, fire pits and picnic tables and benches. Mr. William Begg (a seaman who was ship wrecked on our beach while serving on the Glenmorag) allowed the figurehead of the ship to be displayed in the park. Also, the boiler from the first sawmill built west of the Rockies was there, along with a large whalebone. An Indian craft topped the entrance.

During the summer months, our whole family - aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins - held a Sunday picnic there at the park and the amazing part to me is that I never remember it raining!

After J.A. Morehead's death, as has been noted, the heirs turned the camp over to Pacific County for use by youth organizations. Morehead Park was eventually sold to the businesses located nearby.

Dorothy Williams

Long Beach

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