The article "Enthusiasm greets plans for new National Heritage Area centered here" is written as if that is a good thing. I suppose it is, if one cares nothing for private property or community autonomy.

A national park is bad enough, but a "National Heritage Area" is a thinly veiled attempt to cover up the fact that the United Nations UNESCO "World Heritage Area" might bring objections. But the result will be the same: You lose control of all of the land, including bordering areas needed for buffer zones. This is not good.

Look at the land you live on, a peninsula beach that projects out onto the ocean. You are next, no matter what "they" promise. Beware of anything that uses the terms "stakeholders," "partners," "concensus" and the like. They are not being truthful. They are activating the "Local Agenda 21" program, sometimes called Agenda 2006, Plan 2010 or the like, or other terms used to hide the real agenda. It is all related to the U.N. Agenda 21 plan and/or the Wildlands Project, called Man and the Biosphere Project by the U.N.

Educate yourself. A place to start would be: /text/articles/whpwans97.html or

We are in a war over ownership of land. Fight back with knowledge.

Pete Remington

Ferry county

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