In a recent issue, of this paper, I had submitted a letter concerning a "benefit account" bearing my name, the David McColm Recovery Fund. I want, now, to make very clear, I have found no, nor ever suspected any, malicious intent or any wrong-doing, on the part of the Peninsula Saddle Club or The Bank of the Pacific. They both provided what they, and I, believe to be a vital and humanitarian service to this community. Any wrong-doing, or malicious intent, occurred after the funds left their control.

I would, further, like to say that it was never my intent to "scare people away" from these accounts. I have donated small amounts to similar benefit accounts since my return from the hospital, after inquiring as to who had direct access to the funds and how the money was to be used.

I would like to thank the many people who have phoned in reply to that letter and who donated money to that fund. The woman who set up that account, a good friend of mine from Ilwaco High School, phoned on behalf of the Saddle Club, and assured me that she has, and will forward to me, all of the records of deposit and withdrawal. She also told me that a representative of the bank, also a friend from school, had thought she had arranged for me to receive that information already. I have not received that information, and know of no such arrangements. Because my only attempt to request information was at the Ocean Park branch and the account was opened at the Long Beach branch, there may have been some confusion.

David W. McColm

Ocean Park

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