Ohhhh My Goodness! After months of keeping her political leanings and hatred to herself, good ol’ Cate couldn’t contain herself any longer. While climate change was the main focus of her column, she took time to throw in a jab at the Catholic Church, the Republican Party and President Trump. Somehow she overlooked getting a negative dig in about ICE.

It is astounding the Chicken Little scare-mongering she bloviates in her column. Back in the mid-70s, when I was a graduate student in environmental studies at Cal-State, the fear-mongering was global cooling, where we all were going to freeze by 1990. Well, here we are in 2019 and after dealing with a switch to global warming, which didn’t scare enough people, the new term became climate change. Now, climate change isn’t working as it should, so that is morphing into climate disruption. I haven’t heard the term in quite a while but it is scarier!

In reality, global warming, climate change, climate disruption are terms more political than environmental. They are anti-capitalist in nature and used to push an agenda scaring people into supporting a transfer of wealth and power to government. I’ve often thought when the Berlin Wall came down and with the breakup of the Soviet Union, all the communists fled and moved into the environmental movement.

Gaia/Mother Earth isn’t mad at mankind nor is the human race acting like kindergarten tyrants. Climate is dynamic. It changes a minimum of four times per year and is constantly in a state of flux. What is truly sad is the indoctrination and terrorizing of our youth over the past 40-plus years into thinking the world will end in the next 12 years. Never was this more evident than listening to a 29-year-old bartender from the Bronx who became a recently elected member of Congress and her Green New Deal.

God help us.


Long Beach

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