After almost four months of delays, just in time for Memorial Day, Congress has passed the Iraq Supplemental Bill funding our troops in the field.

Thankfully, the Democrats did not include a schedule for our defeat and surrender this time, although they did add billions of dollars for pork and earmarks, and an increase in the minimum wage, things you wouldn't expect to find in a bill designed explicitly to fund a war. There is a term sometimes bandied about, "Playing politics with funds for our troops," that certainly seems to have found its textbook definition in this bill.

Admittedly, it feels a little strange to be complimenting our representatives in D.C. for actually funding the soldiers Congress voted overwhelmingly to send to war. Still, although they voted for the earlier "Surrender Bill," I applaud Rep. Baird and Senators Murray and Cantwell for supporting the war effort and the troops this time around. Victory for America should never take second place to political gain.

The Senate version contained the following statement: "When the Armed Forces are deployed in harm's way, the president, Congress and the nation should give them all the support they need in order to maintain their safety and accomplish their assigned or future missions, including the training, equipment, logistics, and funding necessary to ensure their safety and effectiveness, and such support is the responsibility of both the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch of Government." It is hard to imagine any American disagreeing with the proposal that when U.S. troops are sent into harm's way, it is our entire government's responsibility to see that they are given everything they need to complete their mission with the lowest casualties possible.

Shockingly, both the Democratic frontrunners in the race for President in 2008 (Mrs. Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama) could not agree with that very straightforward statement, and voted against the bill. I find it nothing less than amazing that their tongues do not shatter each time they repeat the lie "I support the troops" after so explicitly voting "No, I do not support the troops."

Brett Malin


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